“It's basically like modern
  day lynching...”

“A HUMAN WAS SHOT YESTERDAY” is a site-specific, flash projection that was displayed on the fraternal order of police building in Westport Kansas City. This projection contains the same visual language used in my Black and blue zine. It features video footage from several cases of police brutality. The message is a rendition of an iconic flag that was hung outside the NAACP building in New York City during the 1920s that read “A Man Was Lynched Yesterday.” 
This message compares killings done by police to lynching during the Jim Crow era. While I was projecting this, two cop cars slowed down to see what I was doing. It was one of the most anxiety-inducing moments I've ever had, but I felt it in my core that it needed to be done.

A motion piece to accomany BLACK & BLUE