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Subvert: A Visual Critique of The White Gaze


“The little white man that sits on your shoulder and checks out everything you do or say. You sort of knock him off and you’re free.”
–Toni Morrison (1931—2019)

Deflect, 2020

Project Trailer Featuring Toni Morrison, bell hooks, and George Yancy

The purpose of BLACK BODY WHITE SPACE is to open a critical dialog about the White gaze and White bias in order to encourage white individuals to be better allies to BIPOC and educates White individuals about the Black experience.  

The user is thrown into a 3D space that educates them about how White implicit bias affects the black experience. The space features original posters and installations designed specifically for the project as well as pieces of art and design by legendary Black artists and designers. The context of the gallery, a historically White space, is transmuted to become a platform for unapologetic Black expression.

The user then is able to enter two different 2D simulations with different social contexts where the user is forced to play the role of a person of color and make decisions. Based on the decisions the user makes, the situation will either be diffused or escalated. These simulations demonstrate to white individuals the ways in which the white gaze affects Black and Brown individuals, and hopefully enables them to better understand BIPOC and their experiences.