Royal Curls

Royal curls is a hypothetical cosmetic brand that I created for a packaging assignment. It is a product line that is marketed towards individuals of African descent. I decided to focus on this area because of my personal struggles with Afro-textured hair and the lack of representation in the cosmetic industry.
    I also want to do uses as an opportunity to teach those with curly hair how to take care of it properly so that it isn't damaged. I used sophisticated sans serif typefaces and a limited color palette to create luxurious, top-of-the-line products. These products are a three-part set that are used to hydrate, define, and style the user’s curls. The curls that span across each package were drawn from life, from my head.
    If this brand were brought to life, I would want 25% of the proceeds to go towards supporting Black and Brown women and LGBTQIA+ individuals across the globe. Our hair should be celebrated, appreciated, and represented in all of its forms. All of our textures are beautiful.

This is a diagram I designed that explains the diversity of curly hair.