Stand Up KC

Protest banners I designed for the Unions for All March in May of 2019.

During the Spring and Summer of 2019, I had the pleasure of interning under my professor Tyler Galloway and Mike Enriquez of Stand Up KC. Stand Up KC is an activist organization dedicated to bringing racial and economic equality to the greater Kansas City area. Under Mike’s instruction, I created numerous documents and ephemera for campaigns such as Fight for $15, United We Stand, Unions for All, among others. It was truly awesome to produce deliverables using the brand identity designed by my professor, Tyler Galloway.    
    My first assignment with Stand Up KC was to design a post card for Kansas City, KS citizens to voice their opinions on why minimum wage should be raised. The post card then would be sent directly to Congresswoman Sharice Davids (KS), the first LGBTQIA+ Native American person elected in Congress. I then went on to design protest materials i.e. flyers and banners, Facebook and Eventbrite covers, and social media posts. I am very pleased to have had this remarkable experience learning how to do client-based design as well as make an impact in the Kansas City community.

Facebook profile picture frame designed for the United We Stand March in August 2019.